Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you sell direct to the public?

Lumenno International does not sell directly to the public. You can purchase our products through one of many retail lighting stores across the country.You can see a list of our authorized dealers from here. 

Q2. How should I care for my new Lumenno lighting fixture?

Never use any abrasive chemicals or coarse sponges when cleaning your fixture. This can cause damage to the finish. Always use a soft cloth to clean your fixture.

Q3. I lost my instruction sheet. Where can I get a new one?

All of our products instruction manuals are available to be downloaded on line.

Click Here for Product Manuals.

Q4.  Where can I get replacement parts for my fixture?

The retail store where you purchased your item can order replacement parts for any of our items.

Q5. Is it possible to get a different glass shade on one of your fixtures?

Please note that not all of our glass will be interchangeable. We cannot change the glass shade that comes with a particular fixture. However we do offer many glass shades that can be purchased separately. Please contact one of our authorized dealers and they will be happy to assist you.

Q6. I just received my fixture and a part is missing/ broken. What can I do?

Any missing or replacement parts can be ordered through your Lumenno International dealer where the fixture was purchased.

Q7. I am a lighting retailer. How can I become a Lumenno authorized dealer?

You can simply apply here. We will be happy to assist you and have you become part of the Lumenno International family.